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As a Mom, I’m a solid “Maybe” to Any Invitation

Even when I’m a “Definitely going,” consider it a “Maybe.”   I realized this upon receiving a recent invitation to a friend’s kill-two-birds housewarming/husband’s birthday party, and after a lot of brain ping pong, I responded “maybe.”  I resisted the urge to explain why I wasn’t a solid, “yes,” so I’ll just do that here. …

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Why Karate Is Good for Kids

By Peter Meredith Karate is a very exciting martial art that focuses on character development, physical fitness and practical self-defence. Most karate classes are highly structured and follow an internationally recognised syllabus, where students are constantly encouraged to do their best, as they learn various skills and techniques that help them develop both physically and …

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Make Your Child Mentally Nourished With Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle is an interesting toy for your kid. It can be a great present for him. Jigsaw puzzle is not only a toy but it is a sort of nourishment for little kids. Basically, these are problems designed for little kids in shapes of small patterns or tiles.

Top 3 Tips For Your Baby’s Photo Journal – Remembering the First-Times

Reminiscing precious moments is a past time we all love. It’s fun, and sometimes poignant, to look at images from way back since these are all we have to remind us of the past. Your baby’s firsts are immortalized with those pictures you never got tired of taking. But before you take another shot, here are some tips in capturing great shots for your baby’s photo journal.