Everything You Need Before Your Baby Arrives

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You’re pregnant with your first child and you don’t really know what to do before your baby arrives? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! We know that getting ready for parenthood can get quite challenging – physically, emotionally, and financially, but you know what? It doesn’t have to be like that at all, so get properly ready for it and lower your stress levels immediately. Here’s a list of everything you need before your baby arrives, so keep on reading and take notes!


A stock of diapers and wipes

The first and one of the most important things you need to have in your baby room is a stock of diapers and wipes since these are essential once your baby arrives. Even though stocking up on these isn’t always obligatory, it’s actually a fantastic idea: instead of panicking once you’re out of fresh diapers when there’s no one around to go and buy them, just stock up and you won’t make a mistake!


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Several bottles and pacifiers

Bottles and pacifiers are the next essentials on our list, so stock up on them as well and significantly reduce your stress levels in the near future. First of all, buying several bottles is crucial if you plan to add infant formula to your baby’s diet, as this type of infant food is usually prepared for bottle-feeding. It is either a complete or a partial substitute for mother’s milk, and a lot of new moms opt for it nowadays. As for the pacifiers, these are also very important as they are said to comfort your baby, so get a few of them and you’re good to go!


A bunch of onesies and other garments for a newborn

Needless to say, onesies and all those cute newborn pajamas are true-lifesavers for new moms. This is why you shouldn’t wait any longer and visit a pregnancy and baby expo where you can find these at fantastic prices. These are a huge wardrobe staple for your infant simply because they are super comfortable and lightweight – especially when they are made from fabrics such as organic cotton. So, look for such onesies and similar garments and you’ll see what we were talking about!!


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Baby shampoo, soap, and body wash with a gentle formula

Similarly to garments that should be made from organic fabrics, cosmetic products such as baby shampoo, soap, and body wash should contain organic ingredients as well. This is because babies have very thin and sensitive skin, which is why you should keep it as clean as possible without any irritations or potential injuries. Such products usually have a very gentle formula that does a great job without drying out the skin, so bring up your baby organically and you’ll see the amazing benefits!


Cute baby towels with a hood

A hooded towel is another baby essential you should buy before your baby arrives, so make sure to get a small enough towel that will allow you to have a good grip on your little one. This won’t be possible with giant towels, so buy at least a couple of smaller ones appropriate for infants and always have a dry towel you can use whenever you need it!


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Crib, mattress, stroller, and a rear-facing infant car seat

Last but certainly not least, there are also crib with a corresponding mattress, stroller, and a rear-facing infant car seat, all of which you should get before your baby arrives. Besides that, you should also install the baby’s car seat at least a couple of weeks in advance, so that you can get used to another step in your routine in advance. Just put it in its place beforehand so that you don’t go to the hospital and figure out that you left the seat at home.


Even though each of the aforementioned essentials is very important, the truth is that you won’t need all of them during the first month of your baby’s life. However, you should get all of them in advance, if possible, so that you don’t start freaking out because there are no clean diapers or because you’ve lost the last pacifier. This is particularly important if your husband has a full-time job and you’re the one who’ll spend the majority of time with the baby, so stock up on everything you can in advance and you’ll be thankful later on!


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