How To Start A Baby Gear Rental Business

Launch Your Business In Less Than Two Weeks

Kristin Ross, who launched her baby equipment rental business on the BabyQuip platform, demonstrates the inventory that earns her money.

Thanks to BabyQuip, it’s never been easier to launch and grow your own baby gear rental and delivery business. Of course, for this line of work, getting things such as couriers insurance is vital for running a successful delivery business. For most people, this work is a side gig-a flexible way to earn extra money while also working a full-time job, going to school, staying home with small children or enjoying the freedom of retirement. Demand for this service is growing among parents and grandparents who are seeking easier and more relaxing vacations with young children. If you’ve been considering starting a business like this, now is the right time to do so.

What Exactly Is A Baby Gear Rental Business?

Baby gear rental is a fundamentally simple business. You store baby and child equipment that you own somewhere safe and clean, often in a spare room in your home. On the first day of a rental reservation, you clean and inspect the gear your customer ordered and then load it up in your car for delivery to the customer’s hotel, vacation rental or private residence. You set up the gear and leave manuals for car seats and other items. On departure day you return to pick up your gear. Once home you’ll clean it and inspect it again before returning it to your available inventory. Safety and cleanliness are critical.

BabyQuip Entrepreneur Stephanie Walsh sets up baby gear at a vacation rental.

The work is fun and rewarding. You help families pack light and travel easier, while still enjoying a home-like experience wherever they vacation. Customers are grateful for the convenience you provide. They commonly write amazing reviews, tell their friends, and sometimes leave big tips. It’s feel-good work that also pays well as a side gig and provides much-needed flexibility for many entrepreneurs. Read about how a Chicago mom juggles a full-time job, parenting and her baby gear rental side hustle.

If you’ve been considering a side hustle that provides a better-than-average gig-economy income opportunity, baby gear rental should be at the top of your list. This type of work generates passive income. Although there is some work at the start and end of every order, your gear is earning money for every day it’s with the customer, while you’re doing something else.

Research shows that most parents and grandparents still don’t even know they can rent baby gear. There is a large untapped market of potential customers out there-exactly what you want to hear when considering starting a business.

How Do You Launch A Baby Equipment Rental Business?

On BabyQuip, future baby gear entrepreneurs sign up for a complimentary online orientation. They are vetted, trained and then quickly launched into their new side hustle, sometimes in little more than a week. Training includes:

  • The basics, learning about baby gear quality, safety, and cleanliness.
  • How to use your website and back-office tools to manage orders and run your business.
  • Customer service, including how to delight your customers and garner great reviews.
  • Business skills like social media marketing and how to make sales calls introducing your service to hotels and other potential customers in your community.
  • Public relations tactics, including how to pitch your business to local reporters and producers to get free press coverage and grow awareness about the service you provide.
BabyQuip Quality Provider Karlie Van Soelen worked with BabyQuip to land this story in the Quad City Times.
How Does A Baby Gear Rental Website Work?

BabyQuip asks you a few questions, like where you want to deliver to and what your delivery fees will be, and then builds a website for you, uploading an inventory of recommended gear. You’re free to add or delete gear, customize descriptions, create custom gear packages, and set, or change, your rental and delivery fees at any time. Your website will look professional and have all the functionality your customers will need to place orders.

BabyQuip launches and markets your business with a set of marketing tools and strategies that can include:

  • A Google AdWords campaign on common search terms.
  • Profiling your business in the company’s social media channels.
  • Email marketing.
  • Distribution partnerships with hotel and other travel brands.

All of this helps juice your SEO (search engine optimization). This makes it more likely that customers see your business when they search for terms like “crib rental” in your area. In a study by Whitehat, utilising professional SEO services can drastically improve your businesses online outreach and consequently build up your client base. You can achieve this through local SEO services similar to what is provided by SEO agencies like Victorious SEO, which allows you to advertise your business to not only the local area but also nationally, allowing your business to grow through local and external exposure.

What Are The Benefits Of Launching Your Business On The BabyQuip Platform?

Launching your baby equipment rental business on BabyQuip is fast, affordable and efficient. If you want to be an instant entrepreneur with a real business and actual customers, a marketplace like BabyQuip is a viable startup opportunity. Here are a few other benefits:

  • BabyQuip is the #1 baby gear rental brand. This means your business immediately gets a category leadership brand association. Customers will know you and trust that you will deliver a level of service consistent with the brand.
  • You’ll benefit from the BabyQuip network effect which is when customers who have used the service in other cities come back to rent gear when they travel to your location.
  • BabyQuip offers ongoing professional entrepreneurial development opportunities, skills you can use to grow your rental business and also use in any other entrepreneurial ventures.
  • As the category leader, BabyQuip has created relationships with leading travel brands that can drive more orders for you.
  • Through economies of scale, BabyQuip can negotiate better pricing on key rental items, like full-size folding cribs.
  • You’ll enjoy participating in BabyQuip’s private Facebook Mastermind community. This is where you’ll meet hundreds of Quality Providers who will answer your questions and share some of the tactics they are successfully using to increase their orders and receive great reviews. It’s a fun and supportive community you are sure to enjoy.
BabyQuip Quality Providers enjoy a lively and supportive Facebook community where questions get answered and everyone celebrates wins!
What Does It Cost To Start A Rental Business?

If you launch your business on the BabyQuip platform, you might spend around $450 to get started.

  • Administrative cost to build your website and initiate your insurance: $100
  • Marketing material (business cards and brochures): $75
  • Full-size portable folding crib, mattress, and linens: $275

Over time, you’ll invest in inventory and additional marketing material at a level that feels comfortable for you. There’s no need to purchase a lot of inventory up front, as most equipment can be ordered after you’ve received a reservation, as customers often make a reservation a week or more before their arrival date. Full-size cribs (they fold and fit in the back of most cars) are the one exception. They can take up to two weeks to ship, and they’re often your first rental item. For many Quality Providers, it makes sense to buy one up front.

If you prefer to launch your business on your own, without leveraging the benefits of a platform like BabyQuip, your startup costs are likely to be much higher to cover the following costs:

  • Website design, including shopping cart functionality, typically created and managed by magento web designers.
  • Logo and marketing material
  • Public relations and event marketing
  • Google AdWords and other digital advertising
  • Insurance

Besides being costly, starting a solo baby gear rental business is a big project that will take some time to accomplish.

What Kind Of Money Can You Earn?
BabyQuip Quality Provider Silvia Cortes talks to Woman’s World magazine about her rental business.

What you can earn renting baby gear depends on numerous factors. To get a sense of the potential in your area, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you live near popular family-friendly attractions?
  • Are you within driving range of a city?
  • How does seasonality affect tourism in your community?
  • Is there a large grandparent community in your area?
  • Are you near the beach, mountains, national parks or lakes where families vacation?
  • How good are your networking skills?
  • Are there many other baby gear rental businesses in your area?
  • How much “hustle” are you willing to put into making sales calls, seeking press coverage, tabling at events and building out a social media marketing program?
BabyQuip Quality Provider Karris Nesby enjoys playing with one of her little customers.

The opportunity to make good money while doing fun, flexible work and also helping others checks a lot of boxes for entrepreneurs interested in launching a business. This is one reason why BabyQuip is growing quickly and launching new rental entrepreneurs on the platform every day.

Get Started – by launching your baby gear rental business on the BabyQuip platform. Today might be the day you become an entrepreneur.

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