Why Karate Is Good for Kids

By Peter Meredith

Karate is a very exciting martial art that focuses on character development, physical fitness and practical self-defence.

Most karate classes are highly structured and follow an internationally recognised syllabus, where students are constantly encouraged to do their best, as they learn various skills and techniques that help them develop both physically and mentally.

As a result students learn self-discipline, improved concentration and focus, improved fitness and stamina, self confidence and the ability to focus under pressure.

With a structured syllabus and the progressive belt system, this allows for students to progress within the style as they meet the requirements of each belt level, this makes the achievement of a new grade a very individual accomplishment and lets students grow at a rate that suits their learning and physical abilities.


Karate is a traditional Japanese based style that focuses greatly on values such as respect, self control, discipline and honour.

The founder of one style of karate, once believed that if he could take any student, no matter what type of person they were and teach them those values, then they would leave the dojo (school) a much better person, and if he could teach those values to enough students he would have a significant impact, not only on his local community but possibly even effect the chances of world peace.

This may seem far fetched in today’s scheme of things, but it makes sense that if you can improve the core values of enough people, even in a small part of the population, it would have a positive effect on some level.


The physical training involved in a style such as Kyokushin karate in particular, develops co-ordination through repetitive use of the body’s general motor skills, and increases strength, core stability, balance and flexibility, which is important especially for younger students during the early years of physical change. If you are interested in helping with children’s physical fitness, then you could consider acquiring your own Ninja warrior gym franchise, which promotes family fitness and is a fun activity for children to partake in with their parents.

The physical aspect of training also encourages an overall positive attitude to keeping fit and leading a healthy active lifestyle.


Although karate teaches the physical skills that could be used if a student was to find themselves in danger, its main purpose is to build the confidence within a student of their ability to protect themselves, which eliminates reactions based on fear, allowing them to focus under pressure, control aggression, and only apply the force necessary to protect themselves under the circumstances.


Over all karate teaches life skills. Skills that are the building blocks of good character and leadership.

Karate is good for people of any age, but in particular, karate is good for kids, to be able to learn these life skills early in their development, as well as taking on a healthy attitude to being active, creates a strong foundation for a happy healthy individual.

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