Top 3 Tips For Your Baby’s Photo Journal – Remembering the First-Times

By Elysse Biaca

Reminiscing precious moments is a past time we all love. It’s fun, and sometimes poignant, to look at images from way back since these are all we have to remind us of the past which is why many people choose to have a maternity photographer Madison. Your baby’s firsts are immortalized with those pictures you never got tired of taking. But before you take another shot, here are some tips in capturing great shots for your baby’s photo journal.

1. Know Your Subject: You probably know your baby’s mood better than anyone else so take pictures when your baby is in a good mood. Not only will you get wonderful photos, but it also will be less stressful for the both of you. Don’t forget to shoot pictures of seemingly ordinary moments – eating, sleeping, playing – take multiple shots, and create a collage in your baby’s photo journal!

2. Moving In Close: In photographing your baby, you have to alter your shooting style just a bit to achieve the image you are looking for. Move in and shoot at eye level, this will make up for the difference in size (your baby is cute and small) as well as create a more personal connection with your subject. But hey, this shouldn’t stop you from taking good shots from different distances, experiment.

3. Know the Technical Basics: You are not a professional photographer; you are just an ordinary parent trying to compile great photos of first-times for your baby’s journal. Yet, this shouldn’t be an excuse of not knowing and learning of photography basics. One of which is that, it just couldn’t be too bright, use natural light as much as possible. Another is to do away with distractions in the background so that the focus is on your subject. Next, it doesn’t hurt to invest on a good quality camera and film.

Enjoy your photo session with your baby and capture those first-times in vivid colors, soft sepia, or classic black and white. Fifty years later, your baby’s journal is a treasure chest of memories so make sure you capture those precious moments now.

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